Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign, biasa dengar ke tidak ? Bagi aku sejujur inilah kali pertama aku menerima Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign. Pada mulanya aku ingatkan ia sama seperti Sponsored Post yang diterima sebelum ini. tetapi tidak. Dan ia juga lain daripada  CPUV Campaings.

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Apakah yang dikatakan Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign ?

Similar to the usual CPC/CPUV campaigns found on our Nuffnang ad units, a Blogbuster ad is a type of advertisement shown on the ad units placed on your blog or website. Blogbuster ads are expanding ads (ads that change their size dynamically) that display an advertisement video starring the blogger. Yes, that means you get to star in your own exciting video on your blog! – Sumber

Dalam bahasa mudah untuk dijelaskan, salah satu daripada peluang untuk menjana income tetapi dengan Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign ini setiap yang menerima jemputan akan dikehendaki membuat beberapa video ringkas. Video ringkas ini akan dimuat turunkan oleh pihak Nuffnang dalam iklan nuffnang yang kita pasang di blog. Seperti dalam gambar di bawah.

Contoh Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaigns

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Bagaimana Kita dapat menjana Income Melalui Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign ?

Similar to CPUV campaigns, bloggers earn from each unique play on their video ad. Your readers would not need to click on it in order for you to get paid, but they will have to play the video advertisement (usually 10-15 seconds long) completely in order to be counted as one view. – Sumber

Proposed Blogbuster Campaings

Bila dan bagaimana cara nak dapatkan Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign ?

As these Blogbuster campaigns are targeted based on specific categories, not every blog will be chosen to participate. Only blogs that fit the criteria or genre of the campaign will be chosen to participate, and will be notified via email once chosen. So don’t forget to check your email every now and then!


We hope you found this short introduction to our Blogbuster ad campaigns useful. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any more questions you’d like us to clear out. Now are you ready to star in your own personalized Blogbuster video for some really exciting campaigns? As always, we hope you have a great time participating in our Nuffnang community events!

Bagi aku peluang ini sememang amat dihargai, tetapi masalahnya aku tidak mempunyai bahan utnuk menyedia beberapa video pendek seperti mana yang diminta oleh advertiser Nuffnang dalam Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign ini. Tetapi masa yang panjang yang diberikan setidak-tidaknya memberi peluang untuk aku mencuba Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign.

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